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Ask, ask, ask!

Why don't some people give money? Because they’re never asked! Make a commitment to ask at least one person every day for a donation.Click here to download a pledge form.

Utilize Social Media

Announce your participation in the The Investors Group Walk for Alzheimer’s on Facebook and Twitter and include a link to your participant page. Share your goal and keep everyone posted on how you are doing and how far you need to go to reach your goal.

Invite past donors to renew their donation

Many donors give to the same charity year after year. Don’t be afraid to remind them that you’re walking again this year.

Keep the momentum

The earlier you start fundraising, the better. Always follow up with every person you’ve asked. And if they donated, don’t forget to thank them.

Make it real

If you’ve got a story, special memory or fantastic person you’re walking for, share it! It will motivate people to support your fundraising efforts.

Have fun

Organize a bake sale or a garage sale; offer your services in exchange for a pledge; take on a challenge. How much are friends and family willing to give you to look silly? Involve your workplace: challenge your co-workers by placing a fundraising thermometer and spare-change jar on your desk. Every penny counts!


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