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Walk Your Way in May!

Join us this May by helping support families across the province living with dementia!

Simply register online, start collecting pledges and choose how you want to participate! Check out these great ideas to get you started!

- Track your steps and challenge friends to match them!

- Make a fun challenge over social media and challenge your friends to top it.

- Take your furry friend out on extra adventures!

- Tell your friends, family and followers online why you're supporting the IG Walk for Alzheimer's and encourage them to sponsor your team!

Register Now to Walk Your Way!

Click here to download the pledge form.

*Any cash or cheques collected offline should be entered on your personal page.


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Cindy Singer WFA 2023


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Jessica Phillips-Hunt WFA 2023


Brian Teichroew WFA 2023


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Sherrie Volk WFA 2023


Annette Fontaine WFA 2023


Maureen Fontaine WFA 2023


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