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OLD hams

Thank you for supporting our journey to fight Alzheimer’s disease.

Once again the Oldham family (Team OLD hams) have committed to participating in the Walk for Alzheimer’s. 

This year the Walk for Alzheimer's will once again be walking in person. We are excited to reconnect with the members of this community. 

This year we have faced a radical change and an entirely new challenge. 

Our husband and father Tim Oldham is now living in a Personal Care Home. This adjustment for our family has been emotional and also a relief. 

Thanks to the  Alzheimer Society of Manitoba we have found the care and support to make this decision less painful. 

The importance of the Alzheimer's Society support has been magnified during the last couple of years. My mom was the primary care giver for my dad and will face a new challenge of living on her own. 

Tim is still here in body, but each day we deal with the grief of the person we have lost. 

Organizations like the Alzheimer's Society need funding to support families like mine. We would appreciate if you would be able to manage a small donation. Every bit helps.

Thank you again for your kind and generous support.

The Oldham Family


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