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9 AM - Welcome Remarks/Introduction

9:10 - 9:30 AM - Personal Story

9:30 - 10:45 AM
“When a person says no”: Alternative approaches when familiar strategies don’t work

As dementia progresses, a person may require more assistance in decision-making and carrying out common tasks of daily living. For care partners, this can be difficult – especially when a person refuses to accept your help - it can be frustrating. Don’t they want help? It may be hard for you to understand, just as it’s hard for them to understand why you’re offering assistance. Before you get any more frustrated, come and learn strategies that may help you approach challenging care situations. Panelists in this session will provide you with tips on alternative approaches when a person with dementia says no to getting a diagnosis, assistance with personal care and moving to long term care.

Elizabeth Rhynold, MD, FRCPC, Geriatrician, Southern Health-Santé Sud
Marlee Chancy, OT Reg. (MB), Community Outreach Worker, Prairie Mountain Health
Lois Stewart-Archer,
PhD, RN, CPMHN(C), Regional Clinical Nurse Specialist, GMHT, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

10:45 11 AM - Break

11 AM – 12:15 PM
“Where do I start? Who do I go to now?” Understanding how to navigate diagnosis, housing and long-term care

Many healthcare and community services exist but navigating through the options can be confusing, complicated further by varying criteria for access. In this session, two experienced system navigators will discuss scenarios and steps to maneuver through the health care system at the different stages of the dementia journey. Where do we go to receive a diagnosis? How do we transition from home care to long term care? What about geriatric mental health supports and hospital admissions - what is there to know? Panelist will discuss strategies that can help you interact and communicate when your expectations are not always in line with the outcomes and decisions that were made.

Terri Bowser, RN, BN, Regional Educator, Rehabilitation, Healthy Aging and Seniors Care
Nancy Mohr, Clinical Support Lead, Care Coordination, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

12:15 - 12:30 PM
Closing Remarks